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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What I see today in our Nation is a preoccupation with MONEY.  Right now in Wisconsin.... what is the problem over.... MONEY.  Up on Capital Hill in the House and the Senate what is the main topic of discussion and what is causing all the problems.... MONEY.  When you look around at all the problems America faces today what is the main cause....  The LOVE OF MONEY.... better known as GREED... which is the root of all EVIL...... Here is a teaching of the Rabbi that we all should heed and teach our children........


If the stuff you own owns you. Sometimes humans put their soul and being into acquiring it. Your heart jumps at the thought of it disappearing. It is the tether that ties you to the ground. 

You could give it all away and lead an ascetic life. But you will be no more than a coward. A slave who runs away is still a slave until he becomes his own master. 

Here's how to become your own master: Each time money comes to you, show it who's boss. Prove you hold the power to set it free. Tear off a piece for someone in need. Keep the rest and use it for good things. You are no longer its captive. When the piece you gave away rose to the heavens, all that you owned rose also and was transformed. This is my advice to all peoples, especially the young ones. The earth is the LORD's and all that is in it. He commands we take dominion over it. That we reach beyond ourselves to Him who provides all good things for us.

Financial troubles come when money or material things master us. It's G-d's way of reminding us who's Boss. He is of course and the rebuke is to remind us gently, Teshuvah (Repent) this is a true saying.  We have but one King and he is The G-d of Israel. Him alone shall we serve and no other. Everything He has created He did so for us, for it to serve us and not us to serve it. In so, He teaches us that we are never alone, He is with us. He supplies and we reap the benefits. This is the perfect love of the Father in Heaven. Holy is His Name. Now, let the truth go forth from G-d, to you and proclaim freedom to the captive. Teach your young ones this wisdom that comes from our G-d, complete with proof. Merely look around at the lives of slaves.

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